Stomp Your Feet to the Rhythm of the Beat

Dance & DJ Classes for All Levels

It is our goal to provide quality dance classes and entertainment to the world. We offer a wide variety of classes specializing in different forms of hip hop. Our programs are focused on getting kids active and motivated to learn new skills in dance and life.

Basic Hip Hop

Learn the fundamentals of hip hop movement, culture and style. There is a large history that gives these movements depth and value. We aim to teach you the moves and where they come from.

Intermediate Hip Hop

Ok now you’ve learned the foundation, let’s start building the structure that will become your own unique style with drills and workouts to strengthen your mind and body.

Advance Hip Hop

Time to explore and share your voice, you have the foundation and structure, now it’s time to let your creativity flow through your body with focus and freedom.

Private Classes

You can schedule private lessons with any of our instructors including one-on-one DJ training. Call us for prices and more information.

Monthly Dance Memberships


Level 1


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  • Includes 4 classes per month
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Level 2


per month

  • Includes 8 classes per month
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Level 3


per month

  • Includes 12 classes per month
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  • Includes 1 hour of class instruction
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Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my dancer have to be?

We usually have students start at 6 or 7 years old.

What type of shoes should students wear for Hip Hop?

Something comfortable that they can move in.

How can we get involved with the teams at GHD?

We are always looking to add new dancers to our Family, You can submit a video or wait till we have auditions. Taking classes also helps to get your dancer noticed.

Is it ok to dance at another studio?

Yes, getting a well rounded training takes more than just one source. It takes a village to raise a child, and to create an amazing dancer.